NPB Shares International Market Diversification Strategy

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Courtney Knupp, Vice President of International Market Development with the National Pork Board, says January 2022 export data shows a volume of 460.3 million pounds and value of $555.6 million. NPB’s market diversification strategy partly focuses on the Western hemisphere, and its momentum is shown with a 23 percent increase in volume and 17 percent increase in value to the Dominican Republic.

“This all underscores the importance of the hemisphere to our markets. This is where our industry continues to pursue new strategies for increasing pork consumption and expanding demand, and it also has a reminder that the U.S. industry must continue to strive for this diversification so we’re well prepared for shifts in the competitive landscape.”

Knupp says concentrating on the Western hemispheres expanded market diversification research in two key countries, Colombia and Chile. Partnership with the Pork Checkoff-funded U.S. Meat Export Federation allows for in-country promotions to position U.S. pork as a quality, sustainable and reliable protein source.

“So we can seek to better understand the dynamics and the differentiated position and value of U.S. pork versus pork of other origins for their important needs. We partner with their domestic industries, so we also work with our boots on the ground, very closely with of course our strategic partnership with the U.S. Meat Export Federation.”

African swine fever outbreaks in Southeast Asia have reduced the herds in those countries, but there is still demand.

“Huge increases in markets like the Philippines, we’ve seen opportunity in Vietnam, there’s a lot of need for pork with the reduction in herds in those domestic markets. We’re excited about that, and we have a high quality product, that’s going to be key to our strategy and leveraging our ability to deliver this product, and to fulfill the demand.”

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