July 6, 2022
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Specialty Crop Acres Jump in North Dakota According to USDA Reports

On Thursday’s USDA Prospective Plantings reports, it showed a jump in specialty crop acres for North Dakota. The report says that canola acreage is expected to come in at 101% of last year, which would be an all time record. Durum area is up 11% from last year, barley acres up 28% and oats up 10%. We also saw a big jump in oil type sunflower acres up 17% while confection type sunflower acres were up 85%. Dry bean acres in North Dakota are reportedly down two percent from last year and flax increased 32% from last year. Sugarbeet acreage was reportedly unchanged from last year. Lentil acreage is expected to be up 17% and dry edible peas up 33%.

In South Dakota oat acres are up 12%, sorghum is down 21%, dry edible peas are down 31% and barley is unchanged from last year. All sunflower acreage in South Dakota is down two percent from 2021.

Spring wheat acreage in North Dakota is down five percent, up one percent in South Dakota and up four percent from last year in Minnesota.

View the full report from USDA here: https://release.nass.usda.gov/reports/pspl0322.pdf

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