July 5, 2022
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Superior Land Network is Now Superior Land Auction

AMARILLO, Texas (March 23, 2022) – Recognizing that auctions are arguably the most profitable way today for farmers and ranchers to sell land, Superior Land Network is changing its name to Superior Land Auction. While auction services have always been part of its business, the move signals the company increased focus on providing auctions nationwide that help agricultural landowners have the best seller experience and achieve the highest sale price.

“This change is a natural step for us because, unlike companies that aren’t focused on just auctions or agriculture, we specialize in full-service auctions for farm and ranch land,” says JT Haynes, chief executive officer and managing broker for Superior Land Auction. “Just as our affiliate company, Superior Livestock Auction, specializes in livestock auctions, we have the experience and industry connections to successfully conduct land auctions for farmers and ranchers nationwide better than anyone else. Our commitment is to be the leader in land auctions for farmers and ranchers and get them top dollar.”

Haynes says the industry is seeing an increasing demand shift to land being sold at auction rather than through a traditional sale listing. An auction is a more finite sales approach, with the seller knowing the exact date when the sale will take place, providing a level of comfort and better facilitating planning.

At the same time, the auction broker can focus on marketing the event to generate more buyer engagement and competition.

“We have seen time and time again where land that was first offered in a traditional listing ended up shifting to being sold in an auction and wound up bringing a better market price,” says Haynes. “As a result, we strongly believe land auctions should be considered by farmers and ranchers to achieve the highest, fair market price for their land, whether their land is being sold as a single unit or in multi-parcel units.”

The move to being more auction-focused is particularly important with sales of farm and ranch land expected to increase dramatically in coming years. The increase in sales is being driven by a variety of influences and often involves selling land that has been in their family for generations.

“We understand the emotions, needs and challenges when it comes to selling family farm and ranch land because we’re farm and ranch landowners too,” says Haynes. “Because of that, farmers and ranchers can be confident that when they work with Superior Land Auction, we will use all of our connections, expertise, and technology to create a positive and successful auction experience and achieve their land sale goals.”

More information about Superior Land Auction is available at SuperiorLand.com

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