Upperman Named Executive Director of Angus Foundation

The American Angus Association® has named Jaclyn Upperman executive director of the Angus Foundation. She will lead the Foundation’s mission of serving Angus youth, education and research.
“Jaclyn’s passion for the Angus family runs deep,” said Mark McCully, chief executive officer for the American Angus Association. “We are fortunate to have her extraordinary enthusiasm and drive leading the Foundation.”

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit and an affiliate of the Association.
A product of the National Junior Angus Association and its leadership opportunities, Upperman knows the ways the Foundation influences the success of the junior program.
“I’ve had the privilege of seeing first-hand the positive impact the Angus Foundation can have,” Upperman said.

Upperman has served as the American Angus Association Director of Events and Education, including junior activities, for eight years. Many of the junior programs are funded by the Foundation, providing opportunities for Angus youth to develop strong leadership skills for the future of the breed and agriculture.

“The combined legacy of so many Angus supporters makes a difference in not only youth programs, but also in education and research initiatives for the beef industry,” she said. “I’m excited to lead efforts to expand the Foundation’s reach.”

A native of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Upperman served on the National Junior Angus Association board of directors from 2009 to 2011. She worked for the American Chianina Association before directing the Events and Education department for Angus.

Upperman replaces Thomas Marten, who leaves the Foundation to pursue seminary studies. Marten joined the Foundation in 2020 and had a significant impact in his two years. Caitlyn Brandt, who has worked side-by-side with Upperman for six years, will be promoted to the Director of Events and Junior Activities. Upperman and Brandt will take on their new roles beginning March 7.

For more information about the Angus Foundation, please visit angus.org/Foundation.

About the Angus Foundation
Established as a 501(c)(3) organization in 1980, the Angus Foundation remains focused on its mission to support Angus education, youth, and research. The organization as distributed more than $3.9 million in youth scholarships since 1998 and has also invested more than $1.3 million in beef cattle research in the past decade.
For more information, contact the Angus Foundation at 816-383-5100.