Commodity Partnership Aims to Establish 30 Million Acres of Cover Crops by 2030


National Pork Board, with Checkoff funding, is partnering with the National Corn Growers Association and the United Soybean Board on the Farmers for Soil Health initiative.

The FSH initiative is a farmer-led, farmer-funded effort to advance the use of soil health practices — especially cover crops. FSH will work to provide farmers the tools and resources they need to implement cover crops on 30 million acres of soybeans and corn by 2030.

With 50 percent of pork’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions coming from feed production, past NPB president from South Dakota Steve Rommereim says the new initiative, which includes a $1 million grant from USDA, is a great partnership.

“Sustainability and carbon footprint has to do with the feeds that we use, and predominantly corn and beans. So, it just seemed like a really good fit, when we look at soybeans in our nation, well over 90 percent of them are fed back to livestock.”

Rommereim explains the vital role this Checkoff investment plays. “I’ve paid checkoff to all three of these organizations and I’m very proud to know that they’re going towards proving where we’re at, trying to be sustainable. Everybody has set benchmarks and are trying to reduce their carbon footprint. I know the Pork Board once a 40 percent reduction by the year 2030.”

Rommereim says the collaboration shows the importance of sustainability in agriculture, and how state and national organization can support farmers and producers. “The Soil Health Initiative is just one thing that we’re doing. Each organization has its own plan, and they’re all trying to lessen the environmental impact of what we do, and of course here on the farm, while paying checkoff dollars, I am always thinking about it’s not only what I can do, but what can our state and national groups be doing to help us.”

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