July 3, 2022
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Farm Bill Issues for Pork Industry

Commodity groups are starting to focus on the next farm bill, as Congress’ two Ag Committees hold or gear up for hearings on the next five-year farm policy bill. One of those is the National Pork Producers Council.

While corn, soybean and wheat groups again focus on safety net programs like crop insurance and ARC and PLC, Pork Producers and other livestock groups see disease prevention as key.

NPPC President Terry Wolters; “We need funding for the NAHM lab, we mentioned earlier, surveillance and protection of foreign animal disease in this country is key.”

And a couple of diseases are a big concern according to Wolters; “We often talk about African Swine Fever, it seems to have been moved to the forefront, but in the last farm bill we had approval for vaccine for Foot and Mouth Disease. Foot and Mouth Disease is a much broader disease that would encompass dairy and beef…and so, again, its another key issue for us within the industry.”

Wolters says it all comes down to trade. Wolters; “Those prevention programs, as it relates to us being able to trade around the globe are very, very important. We’re dependent on trade, like I said, and without that trade, our Ag industry in general, is in trouble.”

The U.S. is the world’s top pork exporter with over $7 billion sold abroad last year.

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