Four Class I Railroads Summoned to Washington by STB Over Poor Service


By Mary Kennedy, DTN Basis Analyst

The Surface Transportation Board (STB) has scheduled a public hearing on recent rail service problems and recovery efforts involving several Class I carriers. For well over five months now, agriculture, livestock, fertilizer, food and beverage, coal and all shippers who use rail to move their product have complained about the poor rail service they have been receiving.

Trains have been sitting full at elevators, empties for loading have been way behind schedule, among other service-related issues (see link below for all Class I rail service reports). Because of the poor service, non-ag shippers have been unable to get their products to the consumer and we have all seen the empty store shelves as proof. For grain elevators, some have been unable to take in farmer grain because they fill up and their cost to move that grain to waiting buyers/end users has skyrocketed.

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