Grassley on Biden Considering Year-Round E15


It’s a ‘praise the Lord’ moment for the corn ethanol industry and its backers in Congress. Iowa U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley; “The Biden Administration is considering allowing summertime sale of E15—praise the Lord. When you start filling up at the gas tank, E15 is clearly, the cheaper option. The president needs to act soon, before this lower-cost option is halted by EPA.”

After the courts upheld the Biden EPA’s nixing a Trump-era rule that allowed E15 summertime sales. But ethanol lawmakers aren’t giving up—arguing EPA should use a more accurate model to measure summertime E15 emissions.

“I joined in a bipartisan effort with Senator Klobuchar and Thune, just last week, in pushing EPA to use this model, which shows that ethanol has more than a 40 percent reduction in lifecycle carbon emissions, than conventional gasoline does.”

Helping ease soaring gas prices, brought up at another Hill event; “How can it be that supply constraints caused by Putin are bad, but the supply constraints caused by President Biden and Vice President Harris Administration are harmless?”

Top House Ag Republican GT Thompson on Biden’s canceling pipelines and restricting drilling permits, prompting USDA Undersecretary Xochitl Torres Small to call for more investment in clean energy. Thompson; “To build that energy resiliency, both in terms of a local energy supply in the short term, and in terms of a more resilient, cleaner supply in the future.”