July 6, 2022
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NPB Building Trust Through Public Health Research

Researchers at the University of Minnesota used Checkoff funds to re-evaluate a commonly cited 2018 study, based in North Carolina, involving the public health implications of pork production. Dr. Andres Perez helped lead the recently published study where they repeated the study with updated data to evaluate the strength of the 2018 study conclusions.

“And our understanding was that the swine industry wanted to understand, if there was a true concern on those claims, then what will be the actions that should be taken in order to protect the public, the farmers, producers, their families, and if there was no areas of any concern in those claims.”

The researchers clarified observational studies, like the one in 2018, may lead to inaccurate interpretations and recommendations if it’s not understood correctly or accurately shared with key decision makers. Dr. Perez says producers sought the truth behind the data and research study, coming down to community culture.

“If there’s no truth in those claims, then what will be the reasons that will be associated with those negative health outcomes and if there is anything we can do to help us support our community. So, at the day, swine operations are an important component of the communities and in areas in which swine production is an important component of the culture.”

This Checkoff investment in public health research is an example of National Pork Board’s Real Pork commitment to building trust in the industry through Real Pork. Learn more at porkcheckoff.org.

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