Pork Producers Respond to USTR on FTAs, Seek More, Not Fewer


The U.S. pork industry responded to claims by the Biden Administration that free trade deals are outdated and unpopular, and argues more, not fewer FTAs are needed.

National Pork Producers trade adviser Nick Giordano says the biggest opportunity to expand U.S. pork exports is the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, or CPTPP. But it’s not part of the Biden Indo-Pacific Economic Framework.

“We support the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework. We’d like to see it more robust. We’d like Ag to be prominently featured. We’d like to see both non-tariff barriers and tariffs on the table.”

Giordano spoke as approximately one hundred pork producers visited lawmakers to lobby for more surveillance and testing for African Swine Fever, more Ag worker visas, and more trade. “To get back in CPTPP, and for the United States to get back in the FTA business.”

Asked specifically about Biden Trade Ambassador Katherine Tai’s Capitol Hill testimony that traditional FTAs are unpopular for sending U.S. jobs overseas; “We fully understand the political dialogue and the constraints here, but for this sector and I think, for many more, access in foreign markets is critically important, and it’s going to remain at the top of the list. And we are going to continue to aggressively talk about the importance of opening foreign markets.”

The U.S. is the biggest pork exporter in the world, and NPPC says over 100-thousand U.S. jobs are tied directly to those exports.