Build Your Base Showcased to Strength Coaches Across the Nation


PIERRE, SD— South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC), Sanford Health, and the Oklahoma Beef Council showcased the Build Your Base sports nutrition program to collegiate strength and conditioning coaches from across the nation May 1-4, 2022 in Oklahoma City, OK at the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCa) conference. The collaborative sports nutrition program developed in partnership between the SDBIC and Sanford continues its expansion through the program’s toolkit educational components and whole-plate nutrition message incorporating beef as the premier protein.

While at the event, attendees could learn more about the program through the Build Your Base education exhibit. Dr. Thayne Munce, Sanford Health, expands “The CSCCa meeting was a fantastic opportunity to introduce the Build Your Base program to a diverse group of strength coaches from all over the U.S. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive and validated the need and desire for this type of program at all levels of collegiate sports, as well as for tactical athletes. Coaches appreciated the whole food, whole-plate approach of Build Your Base and knowing that it can be a standalone program or utilized alongside their current sports nutrition strategy.”

Over 1,300 coaches attended the event as Build Your Base Olympian, Deanna Price, introduced the program to coaches through video on Sunday evening. Price, a two time Olympian and World Champion medalist is passionate about the program and the role it has played in her recovery following two major surgeries and attributes the program and knowledge behind it with her recovery approximately three months ahead of schedule. Price is back to throwing and excited about the opportunities ahead.

SDBIC Executive Director, Suzy Geppert, is delighted about the outcomes and associated possibilities. “Showcasing the program at the CSCCa has been a fantastic opportunity for beef! We have a strong team of dedicated professionals as well as multiple partnerships driving it. The program truly provides coaches, athletes, and communities the opportunity to gain a basic foundation of nutritional knowledge and understanding of the many nutritional benefits of beef.”

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