Crop Progress Report- 5/23/22- Corn Almost 75% Planted; Soybeans Halfway Nationwide


This week’s crop progress report showed more big jumps in corn and soybean planting nationwide for the week ended Sunday, May 22nd. Corn planting progress nationwide rose to 72% complete, up from 49% last week but behind the five year average of 79%. Corn planting in North Dakota jumped from 4% to 20% last week with Minnesota going from 35% to 60%. South Dakota jumped from 31% to 62% finished last week. The three “I” states of Illinois, Indiana and Iowa were 78%, 64% and 86% done respectively.

Soybean planting jumped to 50% nationwide, up from 30% last week and five points behind the five year average of 55%. In North Dakota just 7% of soybeans are planted with Minnesota now at 32% and South Dakota at 34% complete with soybean planting.

Spring wheat planting remains a challenge with North Dakota now 27% planted compared to 17% last week. Minnesota is just 11% planted as of Sunday, up from 5% last week. South Dakota is now 94% planted with spring wheat acres. Nationwide spring wheat planting is up to 49% this week, up from last week’s 39% but well below the five year average of 83% for this time of year.

Winter wheat condition ratings rose 1% this week to 28% good to excellent.

Sugarbeets in North Dakota are now 23% planted with Minnesota at 27% as of Sunday. Sunflowers in North Dakota are just 3% with South Dakota standing at 6% planted currently.

Read the full Weekly Crop Progress report from USDA here: