Lawmakers Urge USDA to Address Infant Formula Shortages


A group of Senators urges the Department of Agriculture to address “extremely high levels of corporate concentration” in the infant formula marketplace. The request comes as infant formula shortages are occurring nationwide. Senate Democrats Tammy Duckworth, Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar say, “The infant formula industry has reached an alarming level of corporate concentration with four companies–Abbott Nutrition, Mead Johnson, Gerber, and Perrigo–controlling nearly 90 percent of the infant formula market.” The lawmakers say the concentration creates a serious risk to infant health if there is any disruption to a major manufacturer’s supply. Meanwhile, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack urged states to adopt flexibilities to support families. Vilsack says, “USDA will continue the work we started in February, working not only within our department, but across the federal government, suppliers and partners to end this infant formula crisis as quickly as possible.” The flexibilities are included in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children.