Mexico Announcement Won’t Have A Big Impact On Beef Exports


Mexico has eliminated import duties on all pork, beef, and poultry muscle cuts through the end of this year. The main impact on the red meat market is likely to be an uptick in pork muscle cuts imported from Europe.

U.S. Meat Export Federation Vice President of Economic Analysis Erin Borror says on when it comes to beef exports, she call’s Mexico’s announcement “irrelevant”.

“U.S., Canadian, and Nicaraguan beef are the main suppliers to the market and have duty-free access already. Australia mainly ships skirt meat, which is actually under the variety meats code, so again, it’s not included in these blanket tariff eliminations, so they’re still paying a trade agreement tariff rate of 14.6 percent.”

Borror added Mexico’s actions did not include variety meats or processed products, which she pointed out is a big chunk of the pork products Europe has been shipping to Central America.