NACD Applauds CRP Announcement


The National Association of Conservation Districts was pleased to hear that USDA accepted offers of more than two million acres in Conservation Reserve Program enrollment. “We applaud USDA and commend them for their leadership in continuing to administer this critical program,” says NACD President Michael Crowder. “CRP is a voluntary program and a significant component to conservation that, over the years, has played a key role in restoring the environment and ensuring the sustainability of our agricultural lands.” The organization says CRP is a critical tool in USDA’s conservation program efforts. “NACD is pleased that more than two million acres have been accepted through CRP and looks forward to USDA continuing its excellent stewardship of this program,” says NACD CEO Jeremy Peters. “CRP plays a key component to conservation, and we are excited to see enrollment options become available to as many eligible producers as possible, particularly those that manage vulnerable lands.”