May 20, 2022
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NPB: Additional State Grant Funding for Local Priorities

The National Pork Board’s state grant program allows state pork associations to leverage additional dollars to address local issues that may impact a farmer’s freedom to operate. Cheryl Day, the executive vice president of Ohio Pork Council, says this money is in addition to the return-to-state funding…tape

Cut #1 :20 OC:…”to producer education.”

“The other thing that it does for me is I’d be able to partner with marketing agencies or other individuals that are experts in promoting pork, or telling a sustainability story, without using my state budgets that’s crucial to producer education.”

For the past two years, Ohio Pork Council has used grant funds to help share the sustainability story…tape

Cut #2 :19 OC:…”approach to storytelling.”

“I’m excited this year that I get to start in a grant program of helping the farms tell their individual sustainability story. Their documented with the on-farm reports with Pork Board and then we’re going to match it up with data searching of our states and the messaging they should be and teach those farms how to take a different approach to storytelling.”

All grant requests go through a review process with state leaders, rather than National Pork Board, and they determine where to allocate these additional Pork Checkoff dollars…tape

Cut #3 :20 OC:…”that they want.”

“Quit duplicating efforts. Quit wasting it on tools and things like a billboard that was not really guaranteeing moving any pork today. So, when we take these grant reviews into the committee level, and there’s lots of us have been trying different things, and we’ll review this and say, okay, will this get a goal that they want.”

Visit for other ways the National Pork Board and state associations are building trust and adding value to the industry through your Checkoff dollars.

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