USDA Invests $770 Million to Expand Market Opportunities for Rural Businesses


Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack Tuesday announced $770 million to help create better market opportunities for rural businesses. The investments include $640 million for 122 projects to help people living in socially vulnerable communities. Vilsack says the investments “demonstrate how USDA remains committed to helping people in rural America create new and better market opportunities. USDA is making a total of 154 investments through three programs specifically designed to create economic opportunities for people and businesses in rural areas. The funding will help rural America keep resources and wealth right at home through job training, business expansion and technical assistance. It will help companies hire more workers and reach new customers. It will open the door to new economic opportunities for communities and people who historically have lacked access to critical resources and financing. It will also help entrepreneurs and business cooperatives create jobs, grow businesses, and find new and better markets for their products.