September 30, 2022
Fargo, US 58 F

Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative Unveils Milk Pricing Reform Priorities

Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative, one of the largest dairy co-ops in the country, stressed flexibility and fairness in announcing its priorities for reforming the federal milk pricing system this week. Edge CEO Tim Trotter says, “Edge is intently focused on strengthening the relationship between farmers and processors in a way that increases transparency, fairness and competition.” Differences across the Federal Milk Marketing Orders require added flexibility to meet their respective needs, and current markets driving milk outside the FMMO system point to a need for a standard set of “contracting principles” to build a more fair and equitable pricing system, according to trotter. Edge has researched, listened to members and engaged with industry leaders and other stakeholders from across the country for more than a year, including coordinating a multistate task force. Under the flexibility priority, Edge’s proposal accounts for differences in product mixes across the country. The cooperative says more regional flexibility would benefit all dairy farmers.

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