IndyCar Series Switching to 100 Percent Ethanol in 2023


The IndyCar racing series will switch to an entirely renewable fuel next year. IndyCar says that beginning in 2023, the race cars will be powered by a second-generation renewable ethanol racing fuel developed by Shell. “The fuel and lubricant and energy solutions developed through our strategic relationship with IndyCar and the Penske Corporation can ultimately help accelerate reduced carbon emissions from transport in many sectors of the economy,” says Carlos Maurer, an executive vice president with Shell. “Our motorsports technical alliances around the world provide a testing ground for fuel and lubricant technologies and products in demanding road conditions.” The manufacturing process for IndyCar’s ethanol will be less exotic than the low-carbon fuel Formula 1 is considering for 2026. The company says it will use sugarcane waste and other renewable feedstocks in its biofuel manufacturing process. The switch will enable at least 60 percent less carbon dioxide emissions when compared to fossil fuel gasoline.