USDA Releases Poultry Tournament Rule

Chicken, Rooster

The USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service released its long-awaited proposed changes to regulations under the Packers and Stockyards Act regarding the U.S. poultry industry. The changes include a list of disclosures and information live poultry dealers must furnish to poultry growers and sellers with whom the dealers make poultry-growing arrangements. “The proposal would establish additional disclosure requirements in connection with the use of poultry grower ranking systems to live poultry dealers to determine settlement payments for poultry growers,” says AMS. “The proposals are intended to promote transparency in poultry production contracting and give poultry growers and prospective poultry growers relevant information to help them make business decisions.” The Hagstrom Report says comments on the rule and other information collection aspects of it must get received by August 8. A National Chicken Council spokesman says the group is still evaluating the rule and its potential impact on the industry, but they will comment on the proposal.