Weekly Crop Progress Report- 6/6/22- Planting Nearing Finish Line Nationwide


On this week’s crop progress report, we saw that planting (whether the crop is in the ground or farmers are forced to leave fields unplanted due to wet weather) is nearing the finish line nationwide. Corn planting is 94% complete as of Sunday, June 5th while nationwide soybean planting is 78% complete as of Sunday. We also got our first corn condition ratings of the season in this week’s report and nationwide corn condition is 73% good to excellent with great ratings in Iowa, Illinois and Indiana.

North Dakota continues to see challenges with planting as only 81% of corn, 41% of soybeans and 74% of spring wheat was in the ground as of Sunday. In South Dakota, 93% of corn is planted along with 77% of soybeans and 98% of spring wheat. Minnesota is 93% planted for corn, 72% for soybeans and 65% planted for spring wheat.

Nationwide spring wheat planting is 82% complete, well of the five year average of 97%. Spring wheat emergence is 33% in Minnesota, 34% in North Dakota and 98% in South Dakota.

Winter wheat condition nationwide is up to 30% good to excellent as of Sunday.

Sugarbeets are 94% planted nationwide as of Sunday with North Dakota at 92% and Minnesota at 90% complete. Sunflowers are 33% planted nationwide with North Dakota at 33% and South Dakota at 35%.

It remains to be seen how many of the remaining acres that are unplanted to corn, soybeans and spring wheat will go to prevent plant or if farmers will continue to try and plant into June in certain areas, especially across the Northern Plains.

Read this week’s full crop progress report here: https://downloads.usda.library.cornell.edu/usda-esmis/files/8336h188j/r781xp02j/ww72ch29n/prog2422.pdf