Friday, June 9, 2023
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Advocates Claim Deere Right-to-Repair May Violate Clean Air Act

Consumer advocates claim that John Deere may be violating the Clean Air Act by limiting repairs on the emission control systems of its machines. Such repairs are only authorized to certified John Deere dealers. Politico says the Clean Air Act requires companies to provide the necessary information, including software, to repair emission control systems in vehicles. Companies are required to confirm they’re providing the information in certification filings with the Environmental Protection Agency every year. The advocates claim that by denying the necessary parts and information for independent repair, the tractor manufacturer is violating the law. However, the company has said they restrict access to the emissions control systems because farmers could delete the software, which Deere says would also be a violation of the Clean Air Act. Deere says when emissions systems break down, farmers might view deletion as an easier option. Deere is named in 17 class-action lawsuits over repairs.

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