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Anuvia Launches Future of Fertilizer Tour

Anuvia Plant Nutrients, a bio-based plant nutrient provider, will host Future of Fertilizer events this month and next. Hugh MacGillivray, chief commercial officer, Anuvia Plant Nutrients, says, the company offers growers a new way to provide nutrients to their crops.

“We started back in 2015 and we’ve been developing bio-based plant nutrient products for both turf markets in the ag markets in North America. We’ve been used on over about two million acres on principle crops, things like corn, cotton, rice, wheat, canola, soybeans, but our technology has broad application across multiple crops.”

He says the Future of Fertilizer Tour offers a look at the future of bio-based plant nutrition packaged with microbial technologies.

“We’re starting a series of field tours for farmers and retailers to show them really the next generation of plant nutrition. And here we’re going to show farmers our SymTRX technology and some of the benefits of bio based nutrition and what that means for the farm. And then we’re going to show them a series of new innovations, which is combining Anuvia’s bio based nutrition with Novozymes microbial technologies and we’re going to combine these two things together and we’re going to start delivering nutrition differently to the farm.”

MacGillivray says the tour starts this Thursday in North Carolina, and will continue this month across the Southeastern United States.

“We’ll start out with a tour of the plots talk about the technologies the SymTRX technology, the SymTRX XP, which combines the microbials with SymTRX. We’ll show them a couple of different crops. We also have a couple of other speakers. We have Mike Rohm, who’s a farm economist, has a lot of knowledge about what’s going on in the fertilizer market. He’s going to talk a little bit about what we’re seeing today, not only domestically, but globally, when we think about plant nutrition. And then we have a grower that’s been using SymTRX broadly across his farm. He’s going to talk a little bit about his experience and some of the benefits as he’s seen from this technology.”

He says SymTRX XP is the next generation technology of SymTRX.

“This is where we’re combining the advanced microbial technologies from Novozymes with our advanced bio-based plant nutrient products. These bio-based products look just like a conventional fertilizer, they’re dry fertilizer, but its bio-based, so we’re returning about 16 percent organic matter back to the soil. That organic matter really feeds that microbiome and helps with nutrient cycling and plant growth. We’re combining that with the Novozymes technology and the Novozymes technology will deliver in the first-generation product, our XP, about ten units of phosphate efficiency, so it allows growers to reduce their phosphate requirements by ten units of phosphate.”

He says this new product will evolve rapidly to new generations to help farmers feed their crops.

“Our goal over the period of a series of introductions, we have right now planned three generations of innovation, which will come fairly rapidly behind each other well, what we call SymTRX XP, then a second generation of the XP and then a third generation. Over three generations, we’re going to deliver to the farm 20 units of phosphate efficiency, and then we’re going to also deliver in the third generation 20 units of nitrogen using a technology that will fix nitrogen from the atmosphere and provide it to the plant. So, we will turn a product that would typically deliver 48 units in nutrition into a product that has the efficiency of delivering about 88 units of nutrition to the farm.”

Visit for additional event details and to register.

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