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Hill Elected President of NPB Board of Directors

In June, Heather Hill was elected to serve as the president of the board of directors for the National Pork Board. As the fifth generation works on her family operation in Greenfield, Indiana, Hill’s priority is working for the next generation, with initiatives laddering up to freedom to operate.

“As farmers, we’re constantly educating ourselves and trying to learn new ways to do things or tweak the way we do things. I mean, I think we’re very lucky that we can learn from those past generations. I think about our family that used to raise pigs outdoors, and my mother-in-law will very eloquently tell you why we don’t do that anymore.”

Hill says industry collaboration centers around responsibly spending Pork Checkoff investments on industry priorities.

“These are the things we’ve done this year, this is how it relates to the port vision Task Force, and really be able to show we are doing the things our industry asked of us and we’re doing them in a better way. We’re being very efficient with the resources that have been given to our industry and really showing the return on investment, and so it’s very important to me that we can show that.”

As for the board of directors, Hill stresses their focus will continue to be on foreign animal disease, sustainability and Real Pork.

“Not only keeping foreign animal disease out, but also, at the same time, while we’re working on that, being prepared for what we would do in case a foreign animal disease were to get here. Sustainability is very important. Real pork is very important on the National Pork Board side and that’s because that’s our trusted image, our freedom to operate.”

The board of directors collects Pork Checkoff funds to implement programs of promotion, research, and consumer information designed to enhance the marketing of U.S. pork and pork products. Complete biographies of everyone on the 15-member board can be found at

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