Friday, June 9, 2023
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Survey says Consumers are Relying on Chicken Despite Inflation

Research presented at the 2022 Chicken Marketing Summit shows that U.S. consumers are still buying chicken. The survey showed that while consumers average rating for their current financial situation is midway between “poor” and “excellent,” 87 percent are buying the same amount or more of fresh chicken compared to six months ago. Chicken continues to be the healthy choice and best value for the money. During the past six months, 99 percent of those surveyed say they eat meals made with fresh chicken more than once a month while 88 percent do so more than once a week. U.S. consumers plan to buy more chicken than other types of protein in the year ahead. Chicken buyers cite nutrition, value, and versatility as the top reasons for consuming more chicken. Chicken is almost inflation-proof as USDA says Americans, on average, will eat a record 98.3 pounds of chicken per person this year.

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