TFI Appreciates Congressional Letter on Rail Service Issues


The Fertilizer Institute’s President and CEO, Corey Rosenbusch, praised the bipartisan congressional letter sent this week to the Surface Transportation Board regarding poor railroad service. The letter outlined the negative impact the poor service is having on the fertilizer industry and the overall agricultural sector. “With over half of all fertilizer moving by rail, we are grateful for the 51 lawmakers who brought the issue of inconsistent rail service to the Surface Transportation Board’s attention,” says Rosenbusch. Fertilizer shipments heavily rely on railroads to reach farmers, but imposed restrictions, along with skeleton crews and railroad-led initiatives such as precision-scheduled railroading have forced fertilizer shipping reductions and potential delays. “With the world leaning on U.S. farmers more than ever before to feed the growing population, fertilizer must get to farmers in a timely manner and crops harvests also need to get to their destinations promptly, including the kitchen table,” Rosenbusch adds.