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American Farm Bureau Hosting the 2022 Federal Milk Marketing Order Forum

The American Farm Bureau Federation is hosting a Federal Milk Marketing Order Forum on October 14-16 in Kansas City, Missouri. Danny Munch, an economist with the American Farm Bureau, says the forum will focus on industry perspectives on dairy pricing.

“The Federal Milk Marketing Order Forum is being planned as a response to Secretary Vilsack’s request to get the dairy industry in one room and discuss meaningful changes to federal dairy policy. The conference will consist of four half-day segments. Each segment will start with a panel that includes industry leaders and farmers who will discuss specific dairy policies such as class one pricing issues, and that panel will be followed by a corresponding roundtable session where our attendees engage with each other directly to share ideas and thoughts on the issues discussed during the panel. The other segments include origins and purposes of federal milk marketing orders, class three and four pricing issues, and simplifying federal milk marketing orders.”

Munch says anyone involved in the industry should consider attending the forum at the downtown Marriott in Kansas City.

“The forum is open to all dairy industry participants, whether they are a processor, an exporter, or a farmer. Our members are trying to create an environment of collaboration and understanding so all segments of the dairy supply chain are heard, with a special focus on helping make the farmer’s voice heard.”

He says now is a critical time to discuss milk marketing reforms.

“Federal dairy policy has a strong impact on the milk check farmers use to support their families and businesses. The more farmers we can get to attend, the more perspectives will be considered, especially with an upcoming farm bill next year and as the market inches closer to a federal order hearing. Topics discussed will include the class one mover, make allowances, price reporting, milk check standardization, and others.”

Registration is open now. Go to to learn more.

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