North Dakota Corn Growers Celebrate 35th Anniversary


On Monday evening, the North Dakota Corn Growers Association celebrated their 35th anniversary with a ceremony in Mapleton, ND. American Ag Network Farm Broadcaster Richard Ristvedt was on hand for the celebration and spoke with NDCGA President Andrew Mauch and National Corn Growers Association President-Elect Tom Haag of Minnesota.

According to a NDCGA press release, NDCGA was incorporated on April 13, 1987 at the Doublewood Inn, in Fargo with directors;  Henning Anderson, Robert Berg, Dennis Swanson, Dave Ricks, Kevin Sunde, Mark  Mitskog, Howard Gabbert, Wallie Hardie, Dave Hillman, Duane McIntyre, Brian Vculek,  Thomas Mund, Wayne Rehovsky, Ray Haugen, Robert Thompson, and Ron Stran present.  Robert Thompson was elected as the president. 

Since then, 3 NDCGA leaders have served as President of the National Corn Growers  Association (NCGA), 3 leaders served as Vice President of the NCGA, 3 leaders served as  Chairman of the NCGA, and 1 leader served as Treasurer of the NCGA. NDCGA is proud  to have had a role in developing the leaders that have guided the North Dakota and U.S.  agriculture industry.

National Corn Growers Association President Elect, Tom Haag, speaking at the NDCGA 35th Anniversary Celebration on Monday, August 8th, 2022.
Current NDCGA President Andrew Mauch speaking during the group’s 35th Anniversary celebration on Monday, August 8th, 2022.