Renewable Diesel to Overtake Biodiesel Production


The U.S. Energy Information Administration says renewable diesel production will surpass biodiesel production in the country in October. The EIA’s team lead for petroleum and natural gas modeling says they’re seeing continued growth on the renewable diesel side and stagnation to slight shrinking on the biodiesel side. Western Producer says renewable diesel capacity was estimated at 1.92 billion gallons per year in May, up from 1.75 billion gallons in January. Biodiesel capacity was estimated at 2.22 billion gallons, down from 2.26 billion. Many of the traditional oil refineries in the U.S. are being converted to renewable diesel plants. The EIA estimates that 440,000 barrels per day were converted to renewable diesel in 2020. Expectations are that another 660,000 barrels a day will be converted to renewable diesel in 2022. The agency says it’s already prepared an article for when renewable diesel surpasses biodiesel production, which it expects to publish in October.