There is Still Time to Apply for ASA Conservation Legacy Awards


There is still time for farmers to share how conservation is a part of their operation and maybe win a Conservation Legacy Award. The award recognizes farm management practices of U.S. soybean farmers that are both environmentally friendly and profitable. Reduced tillage, cover crops, and improving water quality are just a few of the conservation practices that are eligible for the reward. Different regions of the country have their unique challenges and ways to approach conservation and sustainability. All U.S. soybean farmers are eligible for a Conservation Legacy Award. Entries are judged on soil management, water management, input management, conservation, environmental management, and sustainability. The selection process for the awards is divided into four regions, which are the Midwest, Upper Midwest, Northeast, and South. One farmer from each region will get recognized at the 2023 Commodity Classic in Orlando, Florida, and one will be the overall winner. The registration deadline is September 1.