American Aronia Accelerator (A3) Brings its Innovative Aronia Berry Superfruit Ingredient to 3rd Annual Aronia Berry Harvest Festival


FARGO, ND (SEPTEMBER 2022) Consumers are increasingly seeking to improve their immune systems and want to do so through functional foods, beverages and supplementation. Formulators aiming to make enhanced functional products with many health and immunity benefits should look to enhancing the efficacy of their products with American grown Aronia berries, an ingredient for which American Aronia Accelerator (A3) serves as a network of businesses and partners across all stages of the supply chain, from farming to supplying, distribution, formulation, and marketing. At the 3rd Annual Aronia Berry Harvest Festival in Amenia, ND, A3 will recognize those whose work serves as the important first step in its business continuum, the area’s Aronia farmers.

“As an Aronia berry farmer myself, I know the challenges that go into producing this superfruit, so A3 is greatly looking forward to attending the Aronia Berry Harvest Festival and acknowledging their cultivation efforts,” said A3 CEO Blake Johnson.

Owner of a 20-acre Aronia berry farm in North Dakota, Johnson’s expertise ranges from agriculture to finance, engineering, and entrepreneurship. After working in banking for several years, he attended North Dakota State University to earn a degree in agricultural and biosystems engineering. In 2013 Johnson combined his enterprising tendencies with his agricultural knowledge by planting his first Aronia berry field, which he spent three years expanding to its current size. With mathematical knowledge from his engineering training, Johnson has been able to foresee what supply chain systems are needed for A3 to achieve greater success and able to manufacture Aronia berry products at quantities that fuel the industry’s growth. With A3, Johnson produces high-quality Aronia berries and serves as the vanguard for its growing prominence as an immune boosting ingredient.

Aronia berry has one of the highest Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) levels of any commercially available berry. ORAC levels quantify a food’s antioxidant capacity and its ability to combat free radicals,[1] unstable atoms that cause cell damage.[2] Studies have shown that Aronia berries may inhibit the release of pro-inflammatory substances, thereby boosting immune health. 70.1% of the immune system resides in the gut,[3] and a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition increases the growth of certain gut bacteria such as anaerostipes.[4] Anaerostipes produces butyrate,[5] which studies have shown mediates gut bacteria’s impact on the immune system.[6]

“Aronia berries are one of the most effective superfoods for boosting immunity, and we are fortunate they are native to North Dakota and grown by such dedicated farmers,” said Johnson.


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About American Aronia Accelerator (A3)

American Aronia Accelerator (A3) is a network of farmers and suppliers of natural products derived from aronia berry with a deeply held belief in the health benefits aronia berry can bring. A3 is available in powder, juice, and extract, both organic as well as conventions. A3 ingredients are rigorously tested batch to batch for organoleptic properties, microbiological controls, heavy metals, and polyphenol levels as applicable per ingredient. Full data analysis available on request. Pound for pound, Aronia berries contain more beneficial contents than any other berry available on the market such as Vitamin C, B1, B2, B6, K, and niacin, and minerals such as sodium, potassium, zinc, iron, magnesium, and calcium. Aronia berries have the highest known Total Phenolic Content (TPC) of 2010mg GAE/100g and Total Anthocyanin Content of 1480 mg/100g.