Book Teaches New Generation About the “Father of the Green Revolution”


A new generation will learn about Norman Borlaug, the “Father of the Green Revolution,” thanks to the newest book from Feeding Minds Press. “Hero for the Hungry” is the story of Borlaug, who dedicated his life’s work to eradicating world hunger. “We are excited to introduce today’s young people to Norman Borlaug,” says Daniel Meloy, executive director of the American Farm Bureau Foundation, which runs the publishing venture. “With ‘Hero for the Hungry,’ we hope his story of science and true American grit inspires young readers to explore how they too can solve hunger issues.” The story follows Borlaug from his humble beginnings on a small farm in Iowa to groundbreaking innovation that helped feed millions in a time of famine by improving the productivity of wheat, earning him a Nobel Prize. “Hero for the Hungry” can be used in a variety of classrooms, including biology, science, agriculture, or history.