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Export Markets are More Than Data

One can conclude the latest export numbers weren’t favorable for the pork industry from a year ago. But according to Courtney Knupp, vice president of international market development with the National Pork Board, the bigger picture removes China from the equation.

“We’re actually down compared to 2022, and remember that was a record year, four percent in volume. And so, that’s actually doing well considering the global pork trade as a whole is ten percent smaller than last year because China is not largely buying from anyone.”

Popularity of U.S. continues to grow with the help of the U.S. Meat Export Federation and Pork Checkoff funds.

“That partnership is just amazing because when we give $1 to Meat Export Federation, their cooperator status with the Department of Agriculture means they can get a matching dollar from the market access program. So, we double our money and our impact up front.”

Knupp said the final quarter of 2022 looks to be very interesting.

“Keep our eye on any spread of disease, specifically African swine fever, which if and when that happens, especially in Western Europe, that will change the global dynamics. We have to keep an eye on that, we are continuing to implement and fully come out of COVID You can’t forget that Asia still hasn’t been fully open.”

Export value per head per hog in July reached $67.10 and was attributed to those products sent overseas and it’s the highest seen since last July. More information on international marketing can be found at

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