Latham Seeds Celebrates 75th Anniversary with Grand Opening of Premier Agronomy Center


Alexander, Iowa – Get ready for a party in the field on September 8!  

The grand opening celebration of Latham Hi-Tech Seeds’ Premier Agronomy Center will include hands-on  demonstrations of new Latham® products and fun activities for the whole family. There will be birthday  cake and ice cream, food trucks, inflatables and face painting, plus a live performance by Neil Hewitt.  

“We’re celebrating family-style because Latham Seeds has been a family-owned company for 75 years,”  says Shannon Latham, vice president of Latham Seeds. “The Latham family has been serving farmers with  the latest seed genetics, highest quality products and unparalleled hometown service for three  generations.” 

Latham Seeds’ Agronomy Center is where it all starts. It’s here where product managers collect data on  real-world challenges that are relevant to farmers and growers throughout the Upper Midwest. It’s here  where Latham team members are available to discuss management practices that help farmers raise more  bushels. And it’s here where guests at the Agronomy Center can see 18 different plots (10 corn and 8  soybean) and other tour stops not usually seen at an event like this. 

Here are three Field Day features that guests won’t want to miss during Latham’s Agronomic  Demonstration Day: 

  • BREEDING DEMO. This demo shows how Latham’s process works and what guides the research. ROOTWORMS. For years the Latham team has managed rootworms with BT-based traits. See  what’s new! 
  • ROOT AND SOIL PIT. We’ve all seen root digs, but have you seen a root pit? We can learn a lot  when we dig deep! 

Latham’s Agronomy Center field day will be 3:30 to 8 p.m. with supper available beginning at 5 p.m. Various  field tours will be held every half hour from 4 to 6 p.m. Latham Seeds invites everyone to learn more about  the amazing research in its plots while enjoying some family time before harvest is in full swing.  

All growing season long, Latham Seeds provides opportunities to learn from demonstrations in the Premier  Agronomy Center. Follow @LathamSeeds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube – and watch  Latham’s weekly “Ask the Agronomist” videos.