Online Portal Provides Valuable Information to Producers


The National Pork Board’s learning management system, or LMS, is a free online portal delivering valuable, on-farm information producers are seeking. With a simple click of the mouse, producers are brought to a plethora of information about herd improvement, management and youth training. Stephanie Wisdom is the director of animal welfare at the National Pork Board, and she sees tremendous value in the system.

“Producers can use the learning management systems to sign up for Pork Quality Assurance Training or PQA, Transport Quality Assurance Training or TQA, or information needed to complete a site assessment. Producers can also use the LMS to complete those self-guided trainings on a wide variety of different topics around swine management and production.”

The LMS covers all six areas of the We Care® Ethical Principles.

“We have a set of resources for our farms human resources departments, alongside our barn culture trainings, to resources to effectively recruit, develop and train employees into our systems. And we have the safe pig handling series which is new to our LMS training page.”

The online training also offers up-to-date information producers can share with new employees.

“We want to be able to train them on the specific scenarios that maybe some of our more seasoned employees are familiar with and understand how to handle. Humane animal handling was one of the training programs that was specifically added in response to our producers request and their needs and industry.”

Producers can access the learning management system at and then click the blue button in the upper right corner.