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Register Now for Federal Milk Marketing Order Forum

The American Farm Bureau Federation encourages anyone and everyone in the dairy industry to attend the upcoming Federal Milk Marketing Order Forum next month. AFBF Economist Danny Munch says the event hopes to bring the dairy industry into one room for open discussions.

“It consists of four half day segments. Each of those segments will start with a panel of industry leaders and expert speakers who will discuss specific dairy policies like Class I pricing issues. And that will be followed by a corresponding roundtable session where all of our attendees will engage with each other directly to share ideas and thoughts.”

Munch says there will be a variety of speakers and attendees.

“We have a really strong program at the conference, several professors including Dr. Marin Bozic from the University of Minnesota and Dr. Chris Wolff from Cornell University. We also have the Deputy Administrator of USDA AMS dairy programs, Dana Coale, joining us, as well as representatives of Schreiber Foods, Kroger, Land O’Lakes and a bunch of cooperatives, our state presidents and members are also going to be active in the programming as well, so we’ll have a nice, diverse program for the conference.”

Munch says those interested in attending should register this week.

“The forum is open to all dairy industry participants whether they are a processor, exporter, farmer, etc. Our members are trying to create an environment of collaboration and understanding so all segments of the supply chain are heard. Our hotel deadline is actually approaching, it’s this Friday the 23rd. Folks can search Federal Milk Marketing Order Forum in any search engine, and it’ll pop up. You can register and get your hotel there and reach that deadline of this Friday.”

The conference talks place October 14-16 in Kansas City, Missouri.

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