Scott Speaks On Soil Health, Regenerative Practices After House Ag Hearing


House Agriculture Committee Chair David Scott spoke after a hearing titled “Soil Health Practices and Programs that Support Regenerative Agriculture. ”As I noted after my first hearing as Chair in 2021, changing weather patterns have introduced significant risks to agricultural production, forest resources, and the economy will affect risk-management tools, financial markets, and global food security,” Scott says. “The risks to agriculture are why topics like soil health are important to consider.” He also says the witnesses at the hearing provided the committee with valuable insight to help them better understand the conservation and economic benefits of soil health practices and how they support regenerative agriculture. “The lessons we learned through the Dust Bowl led to the creation of the Natural Resources Conservation Service,” Scott adds. “In the face of growing climate challenges, managing soil health is one of the most effective ways farmers can increase productivity and protect natural resources.”