Biodiesel Plays a Big Role in California’s GHG Drop


California released its Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report for 2020 which showed a 16 percent decrease in transportation carbon emissions. Clean Fuels Alliance America says that success was due in part to increasing the use of biodiesel and renewable diesel.

The state’s analysis shows the percentage of biodiesel and renewable diesel in California’s fuel supply grew from 0.4 percent in 2011 to almost 21 percent in 2020 through the Low Carbon Fuel Standard. California Air Resources Board data says biodiesel and renewable diesel generated 44 percent of the LCFS credits in 2020.

“As California works to continue reducing carbon emissions, it’s relying on increased production, import, and blending of biodiesel and renewable diesel,” says Clean Fuels’ CEO Donnell Rehagen.

Without biodiesel and renewable diesel, California’s tailpipe fossil CO2 would have been 15 million metric tons higher in 2020. The reduction equals taking 3.2 million cars off the road in 2020.