Friday, June 9, 2023
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Export Sales of Corn and Beans Surge Higher

Sales of corn and soybeans to overseas buyers jumped week-to-week, while wheat sales declined during the week ending on October 13. USDA data says corn sales hit 408,300 metric tons, more than double the 200,000 tons sold a week earlier. Mexico was the big buyer at 183,700 metric tons, followed by Japan’s 77,600 tons. Soybean sales surged to 2.34 million metric tons, a significant jump over the 724,000 metric tons sold a week earlier. China swooped in to buy 1.98 million metric tons, far and away the top soybean buyer, with the Netherlands in second with 82,800 tons. The soybean total could have been higher, but the United Kingdom canceled a sale that week of 60,000 tons. Wheat sales dropped to 163,100 metric tons, down from almost 212,000 the previous week. Mexico was the top wheat buyer at 93,500 metric tons. USDA says Italy canceled wheat sales of 60,000 tons.

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