NCBA VP on Election Impact on Cattle Industry


Midterm elections are just two weeks away, and Ag groups like the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association are laser-focused on possible impacts on their industry.

NCBA Vice President Ethan Lane predicts, heading into a new farm bill, Democrats—win or lose the majority—will continue to put urban members on the House Ag Committee; “That are focused more on food assistance programs, SNAP, things like that…that’s going to be their priority, going into that farm bill process. We’ve already seen that a little bit with people like Marcy Kaptur from Toledo, Ohio, returning to the Ag Committee.”

But Lane, on NCBA’s Beltway Beef podcast, says everything will come down to the agenda—what’s allowed to move forward, especially if the majority changes. Lane; “GT Thompson as the new incoming presumptive chair of the House Agriculture Committee, should Republicans take control of the House, is a strong advocate for the cattle industry, strong advocate for agriculture.”

While Lane says many farm state freshman members may rush to join Ag, but urges they look at other panels key for producers like Natural Resources, Energy and Commerce and Ways and Means.

Post-election, Lane says Democrats if their losses are big, may try to do some ‘hail Mary’ legislation, while Republicans will “apply the brakes” on full-year spending until they have control in January.

On other issues like cattle market reform, Lane says; “We do expect some of the proponents of bills like ‘Fisher-Grassley’ and things like that, to once again, run at those pieces of legislation. That’s going to also be in the mix with things like the SAFE Act.”

The bill backed by animal rights groups banning transfer of horses anywhere in the country, for harvesting or processing, and one of several possible last-minute measures NCBA will fight to stop.