NCC Delivers Comments on Proposed Salmonella Framework


The National Chicken Council delivered public comments on a proposed regulatory framework for salmonella in poultry products during a virtual meeting with the Food Safety and Inspection Service.

The NCC comments addressed each of the components the agency is considering as part of a new strategy. Food safety is a top priority for the broiler industry, and NCC supports changes in regulations that are based on sound science, and robust data, and are demonstrated to positively impact public health.

“The industry is and should be expected to control potential pathogens, but there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to doing so,” says Dr. Ashley Peterson, NCC’s Senior Vice President of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs. “in a time of extreme inflation coupled with ongoing food security challenges, a command-and-control approach will do nothing to improve public health and remove chicken from the meat case.”

The NCC wants a more collaborative effort to promote food safety.