Pork Exports Top Year-Ago Levels for Second Consecutive Month

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According to the US Meat Export Federation, U.S. pork exports topped year ago totals for the second consecutive month. National Pork Board’s Vice President of International Market Development Courtney Knupp said they had been anticipating a pickup in numbers towards the end of the year.

“We’re really excited about that, especially as we look at the interesting global dynamics at play, and especially with the strong U.S. dollar, but it just shows the U.S. pork has a lot to offer in regards to quality, consistency, and there’s still strong demand in many countries and we’re just excited to see that.”

Knupp says global consumers are wanting a consistent product, which U.S. pork producers can reliably provide.

“We are great at being consistent in the quality of our product, whether that’s not just how we box it, but how we cut it, and the actual water retention, our product cooks really well. And so, it is a great product for people that want consistency. And who doesn’t want consistency?”

In the export realm, Knupp shared how demand for variety meats is strong in China and Hong Kong.

“What we do know is that demand for U.S. pork, especially our variety meats in 2022, which those are those internal organs, fats, non-traditional muscle cuts, they are continuing to regain momentum in China and Hong Kong. And so that’s a huge value add to the carcass.”

Pork exports during September surpassed 222,000 metric tons with a value of $664.8 million and that’s the highest since June 2021. A full summary can be found at porkcheckoff.org.