Friday, June 9, 2023
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Sustainable Agriculture Coalition Releases Farm Bill Priorities

The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition’s 2023 Farm Bill campaign will advance programs and priorities that build resilience and equity across the American agricultural sector. Other platform goals include restoring competition, investing in science, and renewing the environment for current and future generations of Americans. One of the group’s biggest goals is strengthening resilient local and regional food systems.

“A lack of technical assistance continues to make it difficult for many farmers and producers to update their businesses to take advantage of market opportunities,” the group says. “Federal farm and food programs must support all producers who want to take advantage of the opportunities.” The coalition also wants to fix a “flawed farm safety net and restore fair competition to the ag sector.”

The group says, “Right now, the farm safety net serves as an open-ended entitlement subsidy that encourages high land prices, soil-depleting farming practices and systems, farm consolidation, and declining opportunities.”

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