CFTC Ag Committee Announces December Meeting Agenda


The Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s Agricultural Advisory Committee Wednesday released the agenda for its public meeting. The meeting is scheduled for December 7 at the CFTC headquarters in Washington, D.C.

At the meeting, the committee will focus on topics related to the agricultural economy, including geopolitical and sustainability issues and recent developments in the agricultural derivatives markets. The committee will also address procedural matters, including topics of discussion on a forward-looking basis.

Chairman Rostin Behnam says, “The Commission remains committed to maintaining the integrity of our agricultural derivatives markets.” Agenda items include the state of the agricultural economy, price limits in agricultural markets, and shipping, freight and storage impacts on grain. The CFTC Agricultural Advisory Committee advises the CFTC on issues involving the trading of agricultural commodity futures and options.

Members of the committee represent agribusinesses, farmer organizations, including the American Farm Bureau Federation and agricultural banking groups.