New Project Allows Cotton Farmers to participate in Carbon Markets


A new collaboration offers southern cotton growers the chance to participate in carbon markets. The Ecosystem Services Market Consortium, US Cotton Trust Protocol, Manulife Investment Management, and Forum for the Future announced the effort Wednesday.

The collaboration launched an Eco-Harvest pilot project in Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, and Tennessee. The project will work with cotton farmers to generate high-quality carbon and greenhouse gas credits on more than 2,300 acres. Cotton producers targeted for enrollment include those implementing conservation practices such as nutrient management, reduced tillage, and cover crops.

Once producers are enrolled in ESMC’s Eco-Harvest program, ESMC quantifies credits and arranges third-party credit verification by a global certification body. Corporate buyers can purchase these verified credits to help meet their supply chain sustainability targets.

Participating farmers, who may be new to private voluntary ecosystem markets linked to conservation practice adoption, will develop knowledge on and the ability to participate in markets. Learn more about the program at