NSP Announces Winners in its Sorghum Yield Contest


National Sorghum Producers announced the winners of the 2022 Sorghum Yield Contest.

This year’s Bin Buster Award winners are Brant and Amy Peterson of Winsome Farms in Kansas. They had the top yield in the contest at 245.8 bushels per acre. “National Sorghum Producers congratulates the winners of the 2022 Sorghum Yield Contest,” says NSP Board of Directors Chair Craig Meeker. “Despite a challenging growing season, there are impressive top-end yields scattered across the nation. We congratulate the winners and look forward to recognizing them during the 2023 Commodity Classic in Orlando, Florida.”

Meeker says the results of this year’s contest show just how resilient sorghum can be. “The Bin Buster yield is six times the 2022 national average yield this year and one of the top ten yields on record in the contest.” While the drought had a significant impact on many sorghum growers, Meeker says they’re very proud of the results.