There are Enough Christmas Trees to Meet the Demand


The Christmas tree industry wants Americans to know there will be enough trees available to meet the demand for real Christmas trees. Marsha Gray, executive director of the Real Christmas Tree Board, says,” The industry met the demand in 2021 and will do so again this year. This is a year with few surprises.”

Gray also says their annual survey found that 86 percent of real Christmas tree buyers had no problems finding a nearby place to get their trees in 2021. “Our grower survey tells us the demand for real trees is healthy,” Gray says. “Retailers see steady consumer interest in real Christmas trees and supply is pretty well matched to that interest.”

Like many other sectors of U.S. agriculture, Christmas tree growers say their input costs have risen compared to last year. Consequently, many growers had a five to 15 percent increase in their wholesale prices compared to last year.