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Truterra, Soil Health Institute Gives Farmers Real-time Soil Health Insights

Truterra, the sustainability business of Land O’Lakes, Inc., recently announced a new pilot project with the Soil Health Institute (SHI) to give farmers in Iowa a real-time snapshot of their overall soil health, enabling greater on-farm sustainability and options for additional revenue sources through ecosystem services markets, such as carbon market programs.

Jesse Allen talks with Matt Duncan, Senior Sustainability Science Lead with Truterra, about this new partnership. You can also learn more and find links below.

Truterra and its network anticipates advancing and accelerating stewardship across hundreds of thousands of acres over the next two years. This assessment is unique in that it uses a strategically selected subset of measures based on six key drivers of soil health to provide maximum insight and drive impact for the farmer: 1) Aggregate stability 2) Organic carbon 3) Soil compaction 4) Nutrient mineralization potential and 5) pH and 6) Potential plant available water.  

It also tackles the historically complex and cost-prohibitive nature of measuring soil health and creates a more accessible way for farmers to better understand the biological, chemical and physical soil health of their field with a comprehensive snapshot that includes locally relevant context at the field level.

Farmers and retailers can learn more about the soil health assessment here and at

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