USDA Announces Second Round of Funding for Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities


Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the second round of project funding under USDA’s Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities Program. He says the second round of funding is different from the first.

“We realize that we needed to have smaller projects that could also be available. We’re announcing the second phase, the phase that is focused on smaller-scale farming operations and partnerships. That will, in fact, ensure full participation in this historic opportunity to transform American agriculture. We’re announcing $325 million to be awarded to 71 additional projects. These grants will range anywhere from a quarter-of-a-million dollars to as much as five million dollars.”

He says the Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities is giving farmers across the country a chance to innovate when it comes to climate.

“With this 325 million dollar investment that we announced today, it brings to a total of 141 projects and $3.1 billion committed over the next three to five years. We expect and anticipate with this investment that at least 60,000 farmers across the United States will participate in one or more projects.”

The program is open to all segments of U.S. agriculture and forestry.

“All sizes of farming operations involved, all commodities, all methods of production, and projects in every single state of this great country. We think that we will learn from these projects that indeed climate-smart practices do reduce greenhouse gas emissions connected to agriculture. We believe that maybe as much as 60 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent could be reduced as a result of the promises and commitments made in these projects.”

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