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Crop Nutrition Week to Help Growers Cultivate Fertilizer Management Strategies

St. Johns, Mich. (Jan. 9, 2023) Crop Nutrition Week will connect growers and agronomy experts for five days of online learning Feb. 6-10. The week, in its inaugural year, will feature a wide range of topics that answer growers’ biggest questions, from how to balance fertilizer input costs and yield goals to how to understand and act on soil test results. 

Crop Nutrition Week includes two panel discussions moderated by agriculture journalist Bill Spiegel and featuring agronomists from AgroLiquid and Next Level Ag. The first, Nutrient Know-How on Tuesday, Feb. 7, will discuss the importance of soil tests and how to use results to balance nutrients for the best outcome. 

“Many times I visit with a grower and they have a soil test that’s 10 or 15 years old, and that’s not necessarily a good indication of what’s in their soil,” says Stephanie Zelinko, national agronomist with AgroLiquid. “I like to see one that’s 2 to 3 years old, and this is used as a good road map to identify what nutrients you have in your soil and, probably more critically, what nutrients you might be lacking.” 

The second panel discussion, The Agronomy Economy on Thursday, Feb. 9, will cover using trade-offs and data-informed decision-making to build a crop nutrition strategy. 

If you look at nitrogen prices and 70% of your fertilizer budget is going to nitrogen, it’s natural to panic and pull back in other areas,” says Galynn Beer, product management lead for AgroLiquid. “In reality, supporting nutrients can help pull down the nitrogen budget by applying less without a cost to yield.” 

Crop Nutrition Week will also deliver interactive content straight to growers via email and social media, with daily topics packed full of information that will make an impact in the field.

Registration is open at The first 200 attendees can also claim a free swag bag while supplies last and register for a chance to win a Polaris RANGER XP 1000 Premium. 

Crop Nutrition Week Schedule 

  • Monday, Feb. 6 – Lay of the Land 

Boost your decision-making power with tips on fertilizer and nutrient management from agronomy experts. 

  • Tuesday, Feb. 7 – Nutrient Know-How 

In the first of two panel discussions, agronomists uncover the clues hiding in your soil test and share tips for putting the information into practice. Join Stephanie Zelinko and Ryan Harbison of AgroLiquid and Jason Schley of Next Level Ag for this insightful discussion. Attendees will receive a link the morning of the discussion. 

  • Wednesday, Feb. 8 – Growth Goals 

Agronomy experts show you how data can help you find the right balance between inputs and yield. 

  • Thursday, Feb. 9 – The Agronomy Economy 

Knowing where fertilizer fits in your budget is just the first step to managing costs in this time of high input costs. Galynn Beer and Brian Waugh of AgroLiquid discuss managing trade-offs between nutrient needs and budget in a second panel discussion. Attendees will receive a link the morning of the discussion. 

  • Friday, Feb. 10 – Planning Precisely 

Finish Crop Nutrition Week strong with final tips for putting the week’s advice into practice with support from trusted field staff, agronomists and retail partners. 

Win a Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Premium! 

One lucky grower will head into spring planting armed with new knowledge AND a new Polaris RANGER XP 1000 Premium, valued at over $20,000. The first 200 Crop Nutrition Week registrants can also claim a free swag bag from AgroLiquid with fun and useful items mailed to you in advance to help you start Crop Nutrition Week off right. 

Visit to register and enter for your chance to win big! # # # #

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